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Dynamic communications platform that connects your business

Lightspeed Voice® is a dynamic communications platform that connects your business, gives you effective contact plans and automates your sales activity so you can maximize your time by building relationships with your customers.


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We have ensured that Lightspeed Voice seamlessly integrates with over 50 industry-leading software tools in the insurance industry. We aim to provide industry professionals a smooth and efficient experience, streamlining their workflow and increasing overall productivity.

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Lightspeed Voice
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Lightspeed Voice has everything you need

Lightspeed’s Quantum is a combination of a plug-n-play phone system coupled with the best in sales automation tools. Quantum makes it easy to automate workflow, close deals and do what you do best: Connect with your customers!

Lightspeed Voice

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Say HELLO to a fully featured communications platform and automated sales performance tools that are reliable, easy to use, and save you money!